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My Steels
I am using and endorsing pedal steel guitars made by GFI Musical Products in Arlington, Texas.  My usual road guitar is a single-neck ten-string keyless Ultra model, with four pedals and six knee levers.  I also own and regularly use a double-neck ten-string standard keyhead Ultra model, with eight pedals and seven knee levers.  It can be seen (sort of) in my webpage wallpaper.  The pedal setup on my single-neck is shown below (the front neck of my double-neck is the same)..

I believe GFI makes the best road guitar I've ever owned - it's rugged, lightweight, stable, and very easy to work on.  Besides all that, it plays and sounds great!  Gene Fields has done a fine job, both in its design and its manufacture.  I'm glad to see they're catching on with an ever-growing number of pros.
My Rack
Most of what I hear onstage is through my in-ear monitors, the rest is what bleeds through from outside my earpieces (that would be the house PA and a really loud audience).  Since I wouldn't be able to really hear an instrument amplifier anyway, and to cut down the stage volume, I've opted to use a Line 6 Pod Pro amplifier modeler direct to the PA.  This is set up in a rack case along with a Lexicon MPX100 multi-effects processor, a JoeMeek 3Q channel strip (used when miking an amp), and a Shure wireless receiver for guitar.  This setup is giving me more flexibility, portability, and consistency than I've gotten using amplifiers, and I still get plenty of compliments on my sound.  I do miss the acoustic presence and moving air from a speaker cabinet a little bit, but to me (and the soundmen and roadies) the tradeoff is worth it.
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My Current Stage Setup
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The Other Stuff
I'm currently using the awesome Keith Hilton active volume pedals - they're lightyears ahead of the old passive volume pedals.  With the low-profile GFI's, I use their low profile pedal, which sits slightly lower for better leg clearance. .  My bar is a BJS  standard ten-string bullet bar, and I like Kyser fingerpicks and Zookie M-20 thumbpicks.  Let's see...I'm now also using the Peterson VSII programmable strobe tuner... George L cable rates among the highest for sound quality and lowest in cost - hard to beat that.  My Easy Rider pack-a-seat is great but about on its "last legs"...  
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